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Let’s Compare: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

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Have you ever pondered how crafters and companies acquire distinctive designs for their crafting projects, brand labels, cups, shirts, and other items? There’s plenty of online tools that provide a wide range of font, design, and graphic features.

Drizy Studio and Design Bundles are well-known platforms where users can swiftly purchase high-quality design assets. These marketplaces remove the necessity of starting from scratch by providing ready-made fonts and art designs, cutting time and cost.

Both websites offer subscription and membership options. Let’s compare Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio to determine which one best suits your requirements.

Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

What is Design Bundles?

Design Bundles home

Design Bundles is an online marketplace for graphic designers, crafters, web developers, business owners, and educators. They offer a wide range of design resources like SVG files, graphics, sublimation designs, textures, illustrations, clipart, and more.

Design Bundles frequently provides special discounts, including a massive 96% discount on premium bundles. All products come with a Commercial License, allowing you to use them without any restrictions. However, it’s essential to carefully review the licenses. To optimize your experience on Design Bundles, you can take advantage of their bundle deals.

What is Drizy Studio?

Drizy Studio home 2

Drizy Studio is an online platform that provides fonts and graphic assets. Founded in 2016, it started with fonts and later expanded to include vector graphics and crafter files. Drizy Studio collaborates with other crafting platforms to reach more people. They also foster a community through dedicated Facebook groups where crafters can share tips, inspiration, and memes.

Drizy Studio offers various options for accessing design resources. You can purchase individual resources or subscribe to their service for a wider range of resources. The platform also provides high-quality fonts and graphics at affordable prices compared to other platforms.

Pricing: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles products

In Design Bundles, you’re offered the option of a premium license or a corporate license, both of which allow for commercial use. The premium license is intended for individuals, while the corporate license is applicable to companies. Prices for the premium license range from $2 to $6, while the company license is priced at four times (even more) the cost of the premium license.

Drizy Studio products

Drizy Studio sells shadow box files for different purposes. If you want to use them personally, they cost $3. For commercial projects within one country, they are priced at $4. And if you want to use them for commercial projects worldwide, they are priced at $5. 

Additionally, they offer sets of other cut files and graphics for sublimations. These sets usually include 3 to 6 variations, and you can download and use one variation for free in your personal projects. The prices of these sets range from $5 to $7, depending on the specific usage you need.

Freebies: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles freebies

On Design Bundles, you have the option to get bundles of freebies that can be used for commercial purposes. You can download each file multiple times by simply logging into your account. It’s important to note that the image quality of the free files may have slightly less detail compared to the paid files.

Drizy Studio freebies

At Drizy Studio, freebies are added daily to the website alongside products that require payment. Don’t be misled by the label “older designs” because the more recent freebies are actually created alongside the paid products, ensuring that the quality remains high. Once uploaded, all freebies are always available for download and are free of charge. However, please note that they can only be used for personal projects.

Availability: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles has a special section called “Plus” in their catalog. To access this section, members need to have a Plus subscription. Designs that are not part of the Plus section can be purchased using regular currency. However, if you want to buy products from the Plus section, you can only use the credits that come with your subscription.

All the files shown in Drizy Studio are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you are a new visitor, a returning customer, or a membership subscriber.

Licensing: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

The Commercial Licenses offered in Design Bundles last indefinitely. So, you don’t have to worry about not being able to sell your projects once you cancel your subscription.

In Drizy Studio, as a craft seller with a commercial subscription, your subscription must be renewed or it will expire. This means you can only sell products created during an active subscription. Single Sales with commercial use, however, are valid for perpetual use.

Subscription: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles

Design Bundles subscriptions

Previously, I mentioned that you can only buy Plus products using credits you earn from a Plus subscription. Here’s how the credits used to work: If you had a Gold subscription, you would get 50 credits, 20 credits for Silver, and 10 credits for Bronze. 

Recently, Design Bundles made some changes to their subscription system. Instead of Gold, Silver, and Bronze options, they now offer Unlimited, Pro, and Basic plans. 

  • Basic 10 credits ($9.99/month)
  • Pro 50 credits ($19.99/month)
  • Unlimited + AI generator ($29.99/month)

Any unused credits would carry over to the next month’s subscription. However, if you decided to cancel your subscription, you would lose all your credits. If you ran out of credits during the month, you could add more by paying $1 for each credit.

Drizy Studio

Drizy Studio subscriptions

The Drizy Studio subscription is based on intended use, allowing users to choose a plan that suits their specific needs. This ensures users only pay for the necessary license, without being charged for unnecessary features or licenses.

  • Personal 3 months ($9)
  • Commercial 1 month ($12)
  • Personal 1 year ($29)

Whether for business or personal use, Drizy Studio’s subscription model lets you choose the right licensing without overspending. 

In comparison, Drizy Studio’s subscription options are cheaper and simpler than Design Bundles because there are no additional fees.

Affiliate: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles affiliate

To become an affiliate with Design Bundles, you can send an email to their support team and provide links to your blog, social media accounts, or website. As an affiliate, you will earn a 25% commission on all sales made through your referrals.

Drizy Studio affiliate

Drizy Studio has an affiliate program where you can promote their products and subscriptions. When someone buys something through your promotions, you’ll earn 30% of the purchase value for both products and subscriptions. The commission percentage is higher than other programs. The cookies from your promotions last for 90 days.

Community: Design Bundles vs Drizy Studio

Design Bundles community crop

In early August, Design Bundles made an announcement that they would be shutting down their Facebook community. The reason for this decision is that they want to concentrate their efforts on other channels. However, you can still get in touch with them through email, their Community Forum, their Facebook Page, and other social media platforms that will continue to be active and available.

Drizy Studio community

Drizy Studio is a crafting company that values input from its community of crafters. They actively seek feedback, opinions, and requests through social media posts, comments, and polls. If you have any questions, requests, or complaints, you can easily reach out to their support team via email or Facebook, and they will provide a prompt response.

Drizy Studio’s crafting community on Facebook is thriving and continuously improving. In fact, their developed groups are among the largest crafting communities on the platform. If you’re interested in joining the community, you can find the group through this link.

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