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20 Fun Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

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Christmas is not Christmas without a tree. And what completes a Christmas tree? Of course the Christmas ornaments! Without the festive ornaments, they’re just a plain old pine tree in our living room, and as regal as a pine tree could be, that’s just not festive enough now is it?

Let’s make your Christmas more special and try some joyful and personalized homemade ornaments! Here I will get down with 20 ideas you can try for your own Christmas with a unique touch. 

Let’s Get Down To The List!

Here I have compiled 20 of my all-time favorite homemade Christmas ornaments! From papercut snow globes to engraved sleighs laser cut , and of course all with affordable prices and even FOR FREE! Now without further ado, shall we?

1. 3D Christmas Ornament Set of 4 Snow Globe [FREE]

3D Christmas Ornament Set of 4 Snow Globe FREE

To start off this list, why don’t you try this 3D snow globe that you can get for free? This set includes 4 snow globe designs, each with 3 layers so it’s fairly simple to make and assemble! Even if you don’t have access to a cutting machine, you can still make this set of Christmas ornaments by hand with little to no hassle!

2. Crystal Ball Christmas Ornament Bundle

Crystal Ball Christmas Ornament Bundle

For a softer touch of color, then you can try this Christmas ornament! The little bow on top will give your Christmas tree a little feminine and elegant touch. You can get this whole set of 10 designs. You can even use any of your favorite colors to make it more you.

3. Nativity Scene of Jesus [FREE]

Nativity Scene of Jesus FREE

Here’s another free design you can use! The religious, Nativity Scene design is sure to add a classic touch to your Christmas tree. You can make it as a cardstock base, wooden base, or metallic Christmas ornament. You can also get it cut as a sticker on your door or window!

4. Polygon Plaid Pattern Laser Cut Ornament

Polygon Plaid Pattern Lasercut Ornament

One of the best things about Christmas is waking up and opening our presents first thing in the morning while still wearing pajamas. Now you can have this Christmas ornament on your tree to represent this! The plaid pattern will add more color and warmth on your cold winter morning.

5. Winter Moon Alphabet Monogram Bundle

Winter Moon Alphabet Monogram Bundle

Now, this is exactly what every family needs on their Christmas tree. These alphabetical ornaments are sure to make all your loved ones feel included when they see their initials adorning the brightly lit tree! You can get all 26 alphabets for only $1 a set.

6. Cute Bauble Motifs Laser Cut Set

Cute Bauble Motifs Lasercut Set

This exclusive design is great for those who want a more elegant look yet still give off a Christmas vibe. With the proper laser-cut machine or CNC Router, the simple design and all-red color would look great on wood and they will last you many Christmases to come!

7. Reindeer Happy Xmas with Snowy Forest Laser Cut Ornament

 Reindeer Happy Xmas with Snowy Forest Lasercut Ornament

This Reindeer Snowy Forest Ornament will be a perfect Christmas ornament you can make with your children. Simply print all the layers with a cutting machine and assemble all the layers together. They will love the results for sure!

8. Happy Holidays Ornament Bundle of 6

Happy Holidays Ornament Bundle of 6

For a more vintage look on your tree, this Christmas ornament is a definite must-try! With classic “Happy Holidays” lettering and 6 different sceneries for each bulb, you can even share these among your friends and have matching ornaments!

9. Snowman with Reindeer Tree Ornament [FREE]

Snowman with Reindeer Tree Ornament

Now here’s one for you who don’t have access to a cutting machine, or maybe you are looking for simple crafty activities with your younger children. The design is easy but adorable, all the kids would not be able to resist!

10. Tree with Gnome Christmas Ornament [FREE]

Tree with Gnome Christmas Ornament

To complement the red snowman-reindeer, you need to also get this green tree and gnome ornament. The contrasting green and bright red will pop up on your tree as an ornament. You can also hang it on the rearview mirror in your car or be part of other decorations in your home!

11. Santa with Teddy Bear Christmas Ornament [FREE]

Santa with Teddy Bear Christmas Ornament

Here’s another kid-friendly Christmas ornament you can get! It’s so simple and cute that it will bring a pop of innocence and Christmas joy on your happy day. The best thing about it? It’s completely free!

12. Layered Crescent Moon Laser Cut Ornament Set

Layered Crescent Moon Lasercut Ornament Set

Get yourself in the feels for Christmas Eve with this Layered Crescent Moon Ornament Set with 4 designs. With a cute and vintage vibe, they will definitely be the perfect personalized twist your home needs this Christmas.

13. Christmas Bulb Animal Tree Ornament Bundle

img 634fc2abba56b

For my fellow animal lovers out there, this Christmas ornament is the right fit for your home! With $1, you will get a set of four designs including a reindeer, a cat, a polar bear, and a wolf with winter scenery to get you in the Christmas vibes. You can even print it out as a small charm to adorn your pet’s collar!

14. “My First Christmas” Laser Cut Tree Ornament Set

Christmas Bulb Animal Tree Ornament Bundle

A baby’s first Christmas is always one of the most important days as a parent. Now you can capture this moment and put it on your tree with this adorable, customizable Christmas ornament! With only $1, you will get a set of four designs only for your newest addition to family members.

15. Christmas Greetings Engraving Laser Cut Ornament Set

Christmas Greetings Engraving Lasercut Ornament Set

If you’re looking for a homemade and unique Christmas ornament to give to someone you love, this set is the perfect choice! It’s a mix of everything that reminds you of Christmas joy and the best of Christmas greetings that can help you express your love to the person you give it to.

16. Arabesque Christmas Tree Ornament 

Arabesque Christmas Tree Ornament 

If you fancy a more simple yet bright design, then this elegant arabesque Christmas ornament will be a perfect addition to your tree. With 6 different designs, they will surely give your tree the pop of color to your tree.

17. Santa Cam Buddy Watch Ornament Decoration Bundle of 5

Santa Cam Buddy Watch Ornament Decoration Bundle of 5

If you’re more of a ‘classic bauble’ type of person but you still want your Christmas ornament to stand out then try this design! They’re so easy to use, just print the designs on some vinyl and paste it on your own colorful Christmas balls.

18. Buddy Watch Santa Cam Ornament Decoration Bundle of 5

Buddy Watch Santa Cam Ornament Decoration Bundle of 5

Here’s another set of “Santa Cam” designs you can use on your Christmas tree. Not only are they perfect to use as ornaments, but you can also print them as stickers or even make them as heat transfer designs on a t-shirt, mugs, or throw pillows, and give them to your family and friends!

19. Santa Holidays Scenery 3D Laser Cut Ornament

Santa Holidays Scenery 3D Lasercut Ornament

Ho ho ho! Nothing can express your Christmas spirit better than this 3D papercut Santa Claus Christmas ornament. With the adorable combination of Christmas-identical colors and snowy scenery, even a reindeer in it, it will surely stand out on your Christmas tree.

20. Snowman Jingle Scenery Laser Cut Ornament

Snowman Jingle Scenery Lasercut Ornament

A white Christmas is a dream for many, but if you can’t get a white Christmas this year you can still bring it to your home! This cute snowman and his little friend, the polar bear, will be smiling brightly on your tree reminding you of a beautiful white Christmas scenery.

So, have you found your favorite ideas for this year’s Christmas? Be sure to also check out our Christmas bundle where you can find all the fonts and crafty ideas you will need for only $14 and $15 each! And don’t forget to join our Facebook community for exclusive freebies and more tips and tricks for all your crafty needs.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to browsing the catalog for more decoration and present ideas for my friends! 

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